Yvonne Nelson And John Dumelo: Stop Lying To Your Fans

What some of our dear celebrities put in the media for their fans is sometimes very absurd. I marvel if they think we are acute mentally constipated and cannot digest any given information scrupulously or what. Before I proceed, I will like to clearly say to these celebrities; we are not dim-witted at all so stop lying to us.

Recently at the premiere of the movie �Prince�s Bride� which starred the �Princess Tyra� actress Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo, these two celebrities claimed to have spent a whooping Four Thousand One hundred Euros (�4100) on their clothes (See Photos Below).

According to Yvonne Nelson, everything on her that night was worth Two Thousand Five Hundred and fifty Euros (�2550) and that of her co-star was worth One Thousand Five Hundred and Fifty Euros (�1550). Hmmm, I do not have a problem with these figures or how these stars decide to spend their hard earned money but let me tell you why I am fuming about their unreasonable claims.

Abdul Sallam Mununi, Ghana�s supreme producer and Managing Director of Venus Movies Productions Limited disclosed in a recent interview with Showghana how much he pays his A-list actors and actresses. Can you guess how much this could be?

According to Sallam who manages the production house that produced the above mentioned movie, he pays his A-list actors and actresses of which includes Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo Three Thousand Ghanaian Cedis (3,000GHs) which is equivalent to One Thousand Four Hundred and Twelve Euros (�1,412) per a movie.

One do not need a lie detector to know by now that Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo lied to their Fans on how much they spent on their clothing just for the Prince�s Bride Movie Premiere. How on earth will any right thinking individual be paid �1,412 for acting a movie and spend �2550 just on a cloth she wore to the premier of the same movie.

No disrespect to any of these celebrities but please be sincere to us next time. Yvonne Nelson, you know you will always be my girl, maybe I even have a crush on you so don�t rant about this because you know I like you a lot.I just want you to be sincere to your Fans out there.Hehehehe!!

SOURCE : ghanaianmovie.com

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