World Cup 2022: Two Cruise Ships To Serve as Alternative Option As Hotel Rooms Are Not Enough for Soccer Fans Ahead of World Cup

World Cup 2022 is not far off, and Qatar has a lot of riding on the event as a catalyst for tourism in the future. Not having enough hotel rooms to house visitors to Doha could be a disaster ahead of the showcase event.

On the outskirts of Doha, low-rise apartment blocks are starting to take shape that will house many of the soccer fans due to descend on the Qatari capital next year for the World Cup 2022.
Qatar, which has been in the spotlight for its treatment of migrant workers on construction sites, hopes the tournament will attract 1.2 million visitors, roughly a third of its population.
Organizers told World Cup correspondent – Kissi Stephen Owura, that they expect to add up 5,000 rooms or more before the start of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
The number of hotel rooms and well established apartments is expected to rise to 45,000 ahead of the World Cup with this additional development by the end of September.
Tourists arriving from the Jewel of the Sea Cruise and watching the cultural Qatari Dance at Doha Port yesterday.
Pic: Baher Amin
“It is expected that 5,000 new hotel rooms will be completed before the FIFA World Cup in November. This new supply, combined with the existing hotel supply and serviced apartments, will provide approximately 37,000 or 45 000 rooms,” says the “Q1 Real Estate Market Review” report.
According to data from the Planning and Statistics Authority, hotels of all classifications, from five stars to two and one stars, have seen their occupancy rates and revenue per available room increase.
At the end of last year, there were around 30,000 hotel rooms available. Even after the World Cup, the hospitality industry will continue to grow. The overall supply of hotel rooms is expected to reach 50,000 by 2026, according to the estimate.

“The hotel room supply in Qatar reached 29,386 at the end of 2021, reflecting an average compound growth rate of 6% per year since 2015. By 2026, the overall hotel room supply is expected to reach 50,000,’ per report gathered.
Hotels are expected to perform better in the future as the number of tourists visiting Qatar will increase in the coming months as the country approaches hosting the most-anticipated FIFA World Cup. This will help the country’s tourism economy to revive.
Qatar’s hotel and apartment sectors have performed well, with an overall occupancy rate of 56% in February 2022.

Last year, the hospitality industry remained robust. In 2021 alone, approximately 1,980 room keys were added from eight hotel properties. In the fourth quarter of 2021, the Steigenberger Hotel Doha with 206 rooms and the Zulal Wellness Resort with 180 rooms were inaugurated.
FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 CEO Nasser Al-Khater in an interview with SunSport, has assured supporters that the event will be “as affordable as possible for everyone who wish to come”.
Two cruise ships, one still under construction in France, and shared villas and apartments, including those at Madinatna, would provide at least another 64,000 rooms, most of them to be managed by Accor, Europe’s largest hotel operator.
The cost of staying in some apartments is around $80 per night, while buying a room in a luxury floating hotel with restaurants and leisure activities costs around $180 per night.
FIFA organizers have also set a limit on the room fees that hotels can charge fans. The price of a three-star hotel is capped at around $120.
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