Women Ministry Hits Soja Bar

Akua Dansoa The Minister of Women and Children’s Affairs (MOWAC), Akua Sena Dansua, has announced that her outfit would soon get rid of ‘Soldier Bar,’ a popular brothel in Accra.

According to her, although all efforts to close down the facility over the years have never worked out, MOWAC was about to finish a documentation that would enable the ministry to close down the brothel.

Hon. Dansua appealed to the media and other stakeholders to support MOWAC in fighting against prostitution in the country, explaining that the closure of Soldier Bar alone could not enable her office to win the fight against prostitution as there are over 200 brothels in the country.    

Addressing a press conference at the Ministry of Information yesterday to brief the media on the programmes and activities of her Ministry and its department, she pointed out that it was time for the Ministry to find a lasting solution to the problem.

According to the Minister, there was an initiative by MOWAC in 2007 to address child migration and labor in the Accra metropolis which saw the registration of 2,432 ‘Kayayei’ in Makola, Konkomba and Agbogbloshie markets between June and November 2007.

She said since 1997, lots of programmes and activities had been designed by MOWAC to help promote the welfare of women and children in the country.

Hon. Dansua said as part of her outfit’s efforts to ensure that women and children realized the importance of upgrading themselves and get rid of prostitution and other negative acts, micro-credit institutions would be coordinated and strengthened to achieve maximum results in improving the socio-economic status of women and children.

She said as far as issues pertaining to children were concerned, the Children’s Act, 1998 (Act 560) would be reviewed to assess the extent of its implementation and effectiveness to chart a future course for the country’s children.

She stressed that MOWAC was established purposely to create a harmonious society with equity and equality between males and females in which the survival, protection and development of women and children are guaranteed within the National Policy Framework.

She said MOWAC also exists to contribute to the development of Ghana by achieving equal status between men and women and also to facilitate enforcement of the rights of women and children and to increase the participation of both women and children in the development process through skilled and committed staff.

Hon. Dansua pointed out that MOWAC as a Central Management Agency has a responsibility to monitor policy formulation and programme implementation in sector areas, co-ordinate cross-sector issues on women and children and evaluate the impact of sector policies on women and children.

She said as part of efforts by MOWAC to strengthen the promotion of gender equality and an issue relating to the survival, growth and development of women and children, a technical committee on National Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) was put in place.

“The committee is made up of senior members of NDPC, MOFEP, MOH, MOFA, MOE, MOWAC and co-opted members with relevant technical expertise in gender planning and development policy analysis,” she stated.

Hon. Dansua said there was a gender-sensitive sector budget preparation guidelines developed in collaboration with MOFEP and NDPC to guide the preparation of the 2009 national budget, and gave the assurance that MOWAC would not rest in fighting for the right and welfare of women and children in the country.

SOURCE : Stella Danso | Daily Guide

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