Video Of LEKMA Nurse Maltrating Heavily Pregnant Woman Causes A Stir Online (WATCH)

A viral video of a nurse at Ledzokuku Krowor Municipal Assembly (LEKMA) hospital maltreating a pregnant woman has just surfaced online.
The video currently causing a stir on social media was shared by a netizen who felt irate about the entire situation.
According to the details, the pregnant woman visited the facility at an ungodly hour.
However, she claims one nurse she met at the facility received to give her prompt care and aid.
The pregnant woman recorded the video in which she could be heard bitterly complaining over the bad treatment meted out to her.
According to her, the nurse refused to properly care for her and despite her complaints, nothing was being done about her condition.
As a desperate last resort, she decided to record her ordeal and shame the nurse.
“Look at this ungodly time I was wheeled to LEKMA hospital and this nurse who was on duty at the OPD refused to attend to me,” she shrilly cried in the video.
The pregnant revealed she was ignored to the point she had to crawl from the OPD in pain yet the nurse still refused to attend to her.
“She was rude to me very well till now I have to crawl from there and walk here and she’s careless about it. How careless can you be?” she added.
As she showed the nurse’s face, she approached her and complained about being recorded.
Check out the video below


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