Shanna Blankson, Ghana’s next Biggest

When asked by her Parents what she really wanted to do with her life. All she said was  “Acting”.And this is exactly what she is doing. At a very tender age, Shanna B. Blankson is already preparing to take Ghana, Africa and the world by storm. Her first role in a film was in 2011 when she shot a movie titled KIKIBUTI little land of Hope. Now would you believe that Shanna is currently in Germany pursuing her education. Well if you didn’t know, now you know.

Destiny smiled at her, when she was given a Golden Opportunity to star in a film with a role as big as Narla, the Antagonistic character in the movie. In fact she had to drop her mother’s decision and efforts to travel to Germany in order to shoot the film. This attempt by her parents to fly her outside the country never happened until after December 2012 when she shot M.I.S, The future School. Another movie she co-starred in with Priscilla Oduah.

Shanna B. Blankson is a highly intelligent and super passionate, budding actress from Ghana. She always exhibits extra ordinary talent when in character. This gained her prominence and a nickname among her peers as “The Creative goddess”.

She is beautiful, hardworking, patient, zealous, relentless, focused and in all, more than ready to listen to what ever her director or any other person who works with her directs her to do. When asked by our reporter what she could wish for if given the chance, before she leaves planet earth, this is what she says: ‘All I want is to see Ghana’s movie industry grow. I want my name to be mentioned when all Ghanaians and Africa as whole, talk about the veterans, who helped shaped Africa’s movie industry ‘

Aside Acting, she likes to sing, write and Dance and present. She has performed on several events organised by Ecare and MC MULTIMEDIA. Notably amongst them is the Launch and Premiere of KIKIBUTI at J.E.A Kwabena Nketia Hall at the University of Ghana, The Performing Arts Theatre at the University of Cape Coast (UCC). She is also a trainee with Top Afric Media Network based in Hamburg Germany.


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