Producer Say am Too Fat To Act-Roselin Ngissa

The first time I came across this beautiful, picturesque overweight lady in a movie playing a role of a police woman I was so surprised after I was told she was just an actress, because she really played that role in a more serious and experienced manner compared to how police officers are being portrayed by others in movies.

Getting up close and personal with her at Villa Gardens where she used to meet friends and enjoy live band every weekend in an interview, she made it known to Flex Newspaper that she was born in Nigeria but spent almost all her life in Nigeria. �My mum was then teaching in Nigeria so we both stayed there till I completed my basic education at the age of 17. I came to Ghana to have my secondary education at Tema Secondary school�.

After completing Tema secondary school, she proceeded to University of Ghana Legon where she offered Bachelor of Arts. She was then going for auditions and playing some walker passes in some moves till she got some roles in Official Prostitute directed by frank Rajah.
She lamented that after the Official Prostitute, she went for lots of auditions and finally got a contract from Unilever to be featured in some of their commercials, but the most painful thing which has not helped her movie career is criticisms of her weight. �They always tell me I am short and fat so they cant give me roles� she lamented.

According to her she has starred in close to eight movies but believes that Princes Tyra has brought her to the lime light although she played a serious professional role in Sin of the soul. Roselyn would like to advice all the new faces who are rushing to come into the movie industry, not to rush for popularity but to go through the right channel so that they will not be used without paying them. She would also like to see every artiste happy doing the Job he or she enjoys doing.

When asked if she can play a naked role if she is being given extra money, she revealed that she is not acting for money so she will not be going for a script which will let her go even half naked. �If I get a script, I do a lot of research before accepting to play the role in it. I believe in the culture of this country therefore I will not be doing anything that will violate the rules and regulation of the country’ she added.

For Roselyn, her role model is Genevieve a Nollywood actress because she believes and has realized that she is the best but if she is asked to choose any good actor in Ghana she will go in for Majid and Ajetey. �I will go in for Majid and Ajetey because they are one take actors and they make acting look so easy when you are playing any role with them. I will not feel reluctant to always act with them in any movie� she said.

She has now been featured in Shirley Frimpong Mansong`s Sparrow productions movie, yet to be released. Roselyn told her fans to watch out for that movie since that is her latest work she has done, and believes through that more will be known about her.


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