PRAYE Tietia In a Car Mess?

�Wo ma ya wro me jacket� is one of the popular tunes from Award-winning group Praye, but the lyrics to that popular tune is changing for one of its members � to �wa ma ya gye me car�.

Stephen Mawuko, popularly referred to as Big J, aka Praye Tietia, is in a messy situation with the financial firm, UT Financial, after the artiste secured a car loan from the firm and has demurred to pay up.

According to very authentic and reliable sources, Praye Tietia secured the loan with another artiste-friend as guarantor from the UT firm, Darkuman Branch and was expected to pay back the loan within a stipulated time.

From the information, the artiste secured a luscious 4X4 Ford Excape car loan, which he has been using for some time and time for the artiste to pay up is due but all efforts by the financial firm to trace him proved futile. As a result of his �hiding� from the authorities, the guarantor to the loan, another popular hiplife artiste was subjected to serious pressure from the firm.

According the source, Officers of UT got a hint that, the girlfriend of Praye Tietia, one Selorm was cruising with the car around the Sakumono Estates. They tracked the lady and forcibly took the car from the girlfriend.

When an Executive from UT was contacted on the veracity of the story, he did not deny the story of the loan and the seizure of the car, but he hinted that, his firm believed in confidentiality and so, would not disclose any information to the media without the knowledge of his client, Tietia.

When contacted, the Manager of Praye, Kiki Banson said he saw absolutely nothing wrong with his artiste owing a bank because he knows every legitimate business man takes a loan from a bank to build his or her business and so for his artiste to owe a bank is no news.

He went further to confirm that his artiste owes UT and he has been facilitating the loan for close to a year now. He also came in as a manager of the group to make sure everything is in order and he has been doing that since assuming that role.


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