Nasara Is Ghana’s Most Beautiful

After 14 weeks of intense competition, the Northern Region�s representative Nasara, 21, was crowned the winner of the third edition of TV3�s reality show Ghana�s Most Beautiful. The four finalists who survived several weeks of eviction were at their best for another four hours of competition on the final day at the National Theatre on Sunday.

Ten ladies where chosen from the ten regions of Ghana to represent their regions in the competition and after several eviction shows, Nasara from the Northern region, Lamisi from the Upper region, Yaa from the Eastern region and Enam from the Volta region were the last four ladies standing. The show which seeks to portray the beauty and cultural norms of the Ghanaian woman began with a cultural performance which saw the ushering in of last year�s winner, Adoley from the Greater Accra Region.

The four contestants took turns to state the significance of names in the Ghanaian society. Enam gave examples of how some names in the Volta Region where she comes from are similar to other names in the Ashanti region.Nasara said girls in her locality, Northern region and Islam have names that ends with �tu� examples being Alimatu and Ramatu. She went on to say that boys also have names that ends with �u� and Abu is an example. Lamasi and Yaa also took turns to also explain the significance of names in their locality, their meaning and why they are given to people.

During a question and answer section, the judges asked the contestants series of questions where they provided answers. During that section, Yaa the Eastern region representative went for the three year High School education calendar instead of the four years when she was asked to choose one. Lamisi was asked to recite the National pledge and Enam was also asked to sing the first stanza of the National anthem. Nasara in an answer to the question �How she will solve the crises in the northern region?�, she said, one way to solve the crises will be by punishing the people who caused or contributed to the crises.

The show that had a fashion show and fantastic music performances by 4×4, KK Fosu, Kofi Nti, Slim Buster and Screw face came to an end with Nasara winning the competition with 38.50 percent of the total votes cast. Lamisi, Enam and Yaa had 36.33, 15.42 and 9.75 percent respectively of the total votes cast.


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