Marital Problems Are Not Solved In Public

Marital Problems Are Not Solved In Public
Marriage is such a special institution. Not just that, it is also private and an intimate one. No two marriages are the same because no two individuals are the same, that is one reason why spouses get hurt when one spouse compares them to someone else or other marriages.
The fact that marriages are celebrated in the public, and people are invited to be part of the celebration, does not mean they are invited into the Marriage which is the relationship between a husband and wife. That is why we need to respect marriages, even if the married couples are your family or children, friends or colleagues.
It is uncomfortable to see married couples fighting in public or creating a scene in public. It is embarrassing for the couples themselves. This should tell everyone how private marriage is. In the same way, resolving issues between married couples are private and not privy to the public. Even during Divorce when couples are seeking to dissolve their union, such meetings are not open to the public that is why divorce proceedings are conducted behind closed doors.
We are getting to an era where married couples walk to the media, be it radio or television, to resolve their issues instead of seeking for Marriage Counsellors or Mediators who can help them. And since the media is looking for contents, stories, listenership or viewership, or numbers, some media personalities or some people in media forget marriage is private and put agitated couples on air to argue, fight, put up drama, wash their dirty clothes in the public just for their shows to get numbers, and by so doing crushing someone’s marriage, home and family.
The stigma they leave in the public ends up hurting them in the long run; the picture they paint to the public about marriage is horrible, forgetting that no two marriages are the same. They forget that talking about their marriage is about themselves and that does not apply to every marriage or everyone.
People are losing respect for marriage and anything to do with marriage due to what they hear and watch in the media these days. A lot of media persons who host or present relationship shows see themselves as Counselors or Relationship Experts, so instead of directing couples to seek help from the right people, they end up with the wrong persons.
We hear unfortunate comments like “Marriage Counselors are part of the marital issues or the cause of high rates of divorce or have nothing to offer marriages because of how some people have opened up their marriage for attack. They put a dirty cloth on marriage, give it a bad name, hang it on the wall and mock it.
Media is a powerful tool; we can use it in the right or wrong way. Presenters or hosts need to know their role, which is to inform. They should educate the public on Marriage, bring in the right persons and not because of their individual affiliation, tribal, associations, groups they belong to or their perception about marriage.
The radio or TV studio is not a counseling room or court of law. We should stop resolving marital issues on air. Not everything about one’s marriage must be known by the public. They rather provide education and direct couples with issues to the right places to seek help. It is their marriage, their issue; the public does not always care about their marriage or issues. That does not put money in their pocket. Let’s respect marriages.
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