Luigi Is Out, One More to Go

It was a really sad day at the Stars of the Future eviction show when the adorable Luigi was sent home from the competition. The young man, who had endeared himself to the Judges, audience and fellow contestants of the competition over the weeks, was shown the exit in a tearful eviction show.

The contestants were in tears by the time the show was over, an indication of how truly painful the last but one eviction was. The competition comes to a close with the crowning of the next musical icon on August 22, 2009. It commenced its 13 week journey with 12 talented young people but only four of them will make it to the finals.

Who will make it to the finals? Christian is likely to make it to the final as he has consistently been the favourite of the crowd from the beginning of the competition and currently has four golden moment titles under his belt. Akosua is sure to make it to the finals; with the voice of an angel and a face to go with it and is one contestant who will easily take the music industry by storm even if she does not emerge as winner of the competition.

Nyaneba, another star of the competition, is very exciting to listen to although not much can be said about her stagecraft. Bertha is also tipped to be in the finals as she has performed creditably from the first day of the competition; placing all her steps right and endearing herself to the audience.

Enoch might not be favourite to win the competition, but has proved on countless occasions that he has what it takes to excel in the music industry. The fate of the remaining contestants depends largely on the audience who are encouraged to send votes to MTN short code 1758. The performance on Friday promises to be memorable as the contestants will be singing reggae and vintage music.

SOURCE : Daily Guide

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