Lucky Mensah’s Heartbreak

�Be strong and don�t weep, try to be a man, don�t cry�, these were the passionate words of encouragement uttered to console the musician, Lucky Mensah by Mr. Socrates Safo, when the former appeared on Peace FM�s �Entertainment Review� programme last Saturday, choked with emotions.

Lucky Mensah, one of the talented male musicians in the country was bitter and sad because of what he described as unfair treatment being meted out to him by the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) party.

The musician complained that he composed a song for the NDC titled �Come Back to NDC� during the heat of the 2008 run-off elections to help persuade eligible voters to vote in favour of the Party. But after gaining power, the Party has ignored him completely. He said the most painful part is that the action has affected his career because the public no longer patronise his music and videos.

Comparing his situation to his colleagues, he revealed that some of his close friends who sang for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) are well-off even after the NPP lost the elections since their music and videos are still being patronized. He further disclosed that after the elections, he went ahead to compose a victory song for the Party which was launched during its 17 years anniversary celebration which event was heavily attended.

He lamented that in spite of the huge patronage at the event only 2 of the CDs were bought which amounted to a meagre GH�4. All the resource persons on the programme namely; Carlos Sakyi, a copyright advocate, Socrate Safo of Movie Africa and Nii Abossey, an entertainment critic advised Lucky Mensah to sign a contract next time round and also called on the NDC party to come to the aid of the musician.


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