Kofi Nti Pummels Wife?

It�s about time our celebrities and people of great fame in Ghana are educated on stardom and what it entails. Some celebrities, surprisingly do not know how to comport themselves, thus always landing them in trouble.

In recent times, many of the country�s celebrities have been in the news for the wrong reasons, and the latest victim is highlife crooner Kofi Nti.

He has gotten himself entangled in a messy situation by allegedly beating up his traditionally married wife, Mabel, at their Taifa-Burkina residence.

The unfortunate incident, is said to have unfolded on Sunday evening after the wife had returned from the Accra Shopping Mall with her friends.

According to sources, Kofi Nti accused the wife of going to the mall with her boyfriend, an act he deemed to be unfaithful, and resulted in him giving her some �dirty� slaps that evening.

Fast forward to the next day.

On Monday morning, very early in the day, he asked her to pack out of the house, but returned that evening to meet the wife and his son still in the house.

Obviously infuriated that his orders had not been carried out, Kofi Nti allegedly pounced on her, subjected her to severe thrashing and finally threw her out of the house that evening.

The lady, according to sources, sought refuge in a friend�s house that evening and the following day, went back to pack up her belongings, which had been thrown out of the room.

Their child, had meanwhile, been left in the company of a lady tenant in the house, whiles Kofi Nti was said to be out of town.

Mabel, accompanied by close allies, is said to have lodged a formal complaint with the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana Police Service.

Kofi Nti�s wife, who is at present staying with her mother, sustained severe body injuries and spots a swollen face as evidence of the brutalities she allegedly severed at the hands of her husband.

Painstaking investigations conducted by PEACEFM, shockingly revealed that this is not the first time the renowned highlife star has raised his hands on his wife.

More details coming up.

SOURCE : www.peacefmonline

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