Free Internet Data and Browsing Trick for 2022

UPDATED | January 7, 2022

The year 2022 brought to internet users in Ghana good data deals on MTN. You know when it comes to Internet Data charges in Africa, especially in Ghana, it is way too expensive and this year is not an exception. I have friends who almost died out of malnutrition spending almost all their monthly earnings in buying internet data to feed their online browsing expedition. It is this reason that made me go the world’s end to discover this trick that gives you 3.04 GB extra free data from MTN (Ghana), when you buy their 3ghs Midnight Bundle and 5.07 GB extra free data when you buy their 5ghs Midnight Bundle. Remember, this is Team mcBLOG’s authentic brainy hack and will happen only when you follow this tutorial carefully. Plus most importantly this trick is legit so no need to worry.

What’s more, the data does not expire. so enjoy it as long as you can. The days when MTN data expires are no more. This means if you are not able to use all the data within the given usage period, you are free to continue the next MIDNIGHT repetitively until the data package allocated to you is completely exhausted by you. This is good news.

“Let’s toast to all the data we’ve lost back in the days. It’s time to redeem those data Lost”

Not to bore you with words, let’s get straight to why you landed here.

If you live in Ghana and use MTN, then I have good news for you to cut your MTN data usage by 60%. Yes, you read me right! 60% cut in the MTN midnight package. I will teach you this trick for free, no strings attached.

Dear reader, Now that you know about the MTN midnight browsing, let’s jump to the tricky part to learn some secrets.

  1. With your phone and your MTN sim card inserted just dial *138# and press the send button as shown in the screenshot below:

2. After, a pop-up window will show up. Choose option 1 in the list to access the DATA BUNDLE option as shown below:

3. In the next window choose option 1. (Buy For Self) If you are buying the DATA for yourself or choose option 2 (Buy For Others) If you are buying the DATA for others). For the purposes of this Tutorial, we shall choose option 1 as shown below:

4. In the next window select option number 4 (Midnight) as shown below

5. In the next window, you have the option to buy any data package at all but we shall focus on buying 1ghs, 2ghs,3ghs and 5ghs Midnight Data Bundle.

6. Now as you can see in the screenshot above. This is the tricky part so please read carefully.

A. MTN gives you 2.79 GB data if you buy 1ghs worth

B. You get 5.58 GB data if you buy 2ghs worth

C. You get 5.53 GB data if you buy 3ghs worth

D. You get 8.88 GB data if you buy 5ghs worth

By now I guess you are beginning to understand this trick as it makes no sense to buy the 3ghs and the 5ghs data package. This is because once you do that, You get cheated. Instead, this is what you should do:

7. To Get 8.37 GB instead of 5.33 GB for 3ghs, firstly buy 2ghs data and get 5.58 GB. After top-up with 1ghs to get 2.79GB data. That makes it 8.37GB worth of data. The advantage here is that you get 3GB and 40MB free extra data for life.

8. If you believe in Oliver Twist, then I suggest you go for the 5ghs bundle with this trick you’ve learned above.

This time you buy 2ghs for 5.58GB twice and top up with 1ghs for 2.79GB. that amounts to 13.95GB for 5ghs instead of 8.37GB for 5ghs. The advantage here is that you get 5GB and 70MB free extra data at 0 costs to you.

9. You are free to buy as much data as you can in multiples of 5ghs, 10ghs, 20gh, 560ghs or more.

If you end up buying 50ghs. it means you get 139.5GB data for life instead of 88.8GB. That is 50.7Gb free extra data at no extra cost to you.


Well, I am the one teaching you this trick but it’s a free world. I can’t force you to use your data in a way that you do not like. Some suggestions though.

A. You can use the data to download movies

B. You can also use it to stream online TV shows

C. Or use this data to Watch something else

No matter what you choose to do with it, the world is yours. Go for it.

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