DEVELOPERS AVENUE, A promising Tech HUB for Coders, Testers, Hackers and Lovers of IT

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This and other unexpected gibberish is the first sentence you are greeted with when you come across the official WhatsApp invite Link of Developers Avenue. But I tell you what, this greeting is no gibberish at all. It is rather, real lines of code thoughtfully put together to inform you of the new world your are about to enter. Dear reader, Quickly join the whatsapp group of this extraordinary platform that promises to be of immense benefit to all lovers of IT.

According to Ali Usman Zaidan, the founder and CEO of Developers Avenue he decided to get this initiative running to connect all young, up and coming Developers who have passion for information technology. The ultimate focus of Developers Avenue is to push highly skilled students, startup Developers and established developers alike, on a platform that will make it easy for people, organizations, Non Governmental Organisation (NGOs), Corporate bodies, schools, etc. to connect and access the services these young developers have to offer.

At the moment, Developers Avenue is running as an open source group on whatsapp with over one hundred members comprising of “Wicked”, young, creative Software, Web and App Developers, Testers, White, Grey and maybe black hackers. Tech project promoters, facilitators and initiators are also part of the members of the platform.

There are also Novices who know nothing about Development and the confusing terminologies, that come with programming. FACT is, if you have insatiable desire to learn about Information Technology. Please quickly join this platform.

Speaking with one of its members, who is currently developing Ghana’s First Digital Notice Board for Tertiary institutions, He said Developers Avenue is what the youth and Africa as a continent needs and therefore encourages all of its members to do more for the survival of this platform birthed by it’s young visionary:  Ali Usman Zaidan.

<On this note>, we at WWW.MCMULTIMEDIA.BIZ officially introduce you to one platform you must not hesitate to join as soon as possible. And in case you need A Developer to help you build the world’s next, potential, ground breaking software, APP or Portal, Developers Avenue is the place to look at.

<warning>, do not get confused when you start seeing words or terminologies like C++, Python, Termut, CSS, coding and what have you. It is what it is in the world of Development and its enthusiatics. In their world the code is mightier than the sword and you just must ask questions. Questions I promise you will get accurate answers to. This platform, per our rating has over 80% solutions to all your IT </needs>.  

In the voice of it’s <Admins>, Welcome to Dev Avenue, and we want you to stay here till you get fully baptized in this world. Orevoir.  


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