Church fights Diana Asamoah

As part of its efforts to bring sanity into the gospel music industry in Ghana, the Church of Pentecost has declared war on all those who try to pirate the church�s songs for monetary gains.

It is on record that there is a large number of gospel musicians who have adopted the habit of using musical works which belong to other musicians or the church without approval from the said owners for monetary gains.

The attitude of such gospel musicians is killing the music industry in the country gradually. And the Church of Pentecost which is not happy about the increased rate of piracy has decided to stop such practices through lawful means.

On June 22 this year, the National Music Committee of the church petitioned the Copyright Office against one of Ghana�s prominent gospel musicians, Evangelist Diana Asamoah, for using five songs on her album �Gospel Old Tunes� which belong to the church without the church�s approval.

In the petition, the church said the following songs, Pentecost Gya, Yen Nyankopon, Sunsum Kronkron, Nyame Aguamma and Never Go Back, have been taken, performed, recorded and offered for distribution by way of sale to the general public without the authorization of the Church of Pentecost by Diana Asamoah and Frim Prince Music Production.

The church stated further that by using the said works, both Diana Asamoah and Frim Prince Music Production, headed by Anane Frimpong, have infringed on the rights of the composers and the church as publishers of the songs.

A source at the Copyright Office, which confirmed that the Church of Pentecost had petitioned the office, said Copyright Office has officially written to Evangelist Diana Asamoah on the issue.

The source said Copyright Office has given Diana Asamoah up to today, Monday July 6 to respond to the petition, adding that if Diana Asamoah failed to cooperate in the matter, the office would refer the matter back to the Church of Pentecost to sort it out with its solicitors as to whatever remedies are available to the church under the Copyright Act, Act 690.

SOURCE : Daily Guide

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