Big Brother Africa : Phil and Jen Evicted

The third eviction show of M-Net�s BIG BROTHER REVOLUTION (Sunday 27 September, live at 19:00 CAT) provided more drama than ever before as two housemates left: Mozambique�s Jen of her own volition and Uganda�s Phil for not gathering enough votes from Africa.

With Jen making a voluntary exit from the series due to personal reasons, she was the first to depart the Big Brother house this week, saying her goodbyes and meeting series host IK on stage where she was also met by her father. After her departure, when IK took viewers inside the house to ask Kevin to reveal that he had replaced Edward with Phil during the nominations on Monday, the announcement was met with silence as the housemates processed the news.

Edward, obviously relieved, simply smiled while Phil trudged off to pack his bags. When the time came to announce who would be leaving this week, Erastus and Phil stood and waited to receive the news. When IK read the name �Phil�, the man in question looked bemused as he greeted his housemates for the last time and headed out the double doors at the bottom of the garden.

Kevin was left looking haunted as he sat motionless on the couch, while Yacob pondered the effects of Phil�s departure in silence. IK didn�t waste any time in asking Phil about his time spent with Liz over the last few days. �We�re cool we�re just hanging out,� was the Ugandan�s response. When asked if there was anyone in the house he had been particularly close to, he told IK that there were two people Elizabeth and Liz.

IK also asked him about his statement that he considered Big Brother to be a �non-lethal threat�. �I meant that I didn�t think that Big Brother could get me here so soon,� he said with a shrug. He told IK that he didn�t consider his eviction a big shock as he had had the sense the entire week that Kevin had put him up for eviction. �There was no beef � he was just playing the game,� said Phil.

Before he left the stage for good, IK and Phil appeared on the screens inside the house and told the housemates about the new game element which Big Brother has introduced � the �Molotov Cocktail�. All evicted housemates have the opportunity to �throw� a different cocktail at another housemate inside the house as their parting shot each week.

There will be 20 �cocktails� to choose from, which range from cleaning bathrooms to making coffee. This week’s Molotov Cocktail read: �All the clothes and personal belongings of one housemate must be packed in a suitcase and removed from the House for one whole week.�

IK asked Phil: “Who do you want to throw the Molotov Cocktail at?” Phil declared that he had no doubt in his mind, naming Kevin as the recipient of this week�s cocktail.

Soon after that, Big Brother asked Kevin to pack all his clothes, including those he was wearing, and deliver his suitcase to the store room. It seems Kevin is going to spend a week in the house in a towel!

The show was as action-packed as usual, kicking off with a stunning ballroom routine from the Mambo Kings before IK introduced Namibia�s best-selling Kwaito star Gazza for the first of two rocking performances.

Viewers were then reminded of the highlights of the past week in the house, including the revelation of the Twin Twist, the meeting of the men and women for the first time, discussions about alliances, nominations, the first Head of House election, the burgeoning romance in the house and the housemates� fantastic Thriller video task.

Jen Shown The Exit

Sweet looking Jen is also out of the fun house

After Jen�s tearful departure, viewers got to hear what Big Brother fans in Zambia think of the game so far, before seeing what Edna had gotten up to since her departure from the house. IK then took viewers inside the house so Kevin could reveal that he had replaced Edward with Phil before a sneak peek at Wayoe�s homecoming in Ghana.

Maggie then gave a shout out to the continent and told everyone what she had gotten up to since her eviction last week before a review of the Thriller task. Africa then got to see Teddy�s homecoming party, a reminder of the hairdresser�s trip into the house earlier this week and another storming performance by Gazza.

IK then revealed another chance for viewers to get involved in the game. Big Brother is giving viewers the chance to select the arena games the housemates play each Saturday. During the week, a question will be asked on the SMS strap on-screen.

Viewers need to SMS the answer, with one being drawn as a winner each day. One of those lucky viewers will be selected to answer a bonus question live on air each week if that question is answered correctly, the viewer can then select the game to be played in the arena the following week. The ultimate prize will be for one winner to attend the final arena game live in the house!

IK brought the show to a close with news of how the continent had voted Phil received the fewest votes from 11 countries (Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Rest of Africa) while Erastus received the fewest votes from 4 � (Angola, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda).


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