BBA: The Revolution Gets Underway

Twelve housemates representing 10 African countries were introduced to studio guests in Johannesburg as well as to viewers of the continental satellite TV operator, DSTV last Sunday.

They were going to take part in the new season of Big Brother Africa, dubbed The Revolution. The housemates are Wayoe (Ghana), Italy (Zimbabwe), Hannington and Phil (Uganda), Teddy and Jeremy (Kenya), Kevin (Nigeria), Yacob (Ethiopia), Kaone (Botswana), Quinn (South Africa), Leonel (Mozambique) and Edward (Namibia).

All of these housemates are men and though they have all over the last six days prepared themselves towards winning the $200,000 at stake for the eventual winner, questions have been asked about why there is an all-mate cast on this season�s show.

Questions have also been asked as to why two countries have more than one representative while others like Angola, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia have no representatives in the house.

The organizers have promised that each of these countries will have their housemates introduced tomorrow and they will take positions in the house to contest for the cash. Which means some will be evicted to make way for others.

Other worries expressed by viewers include the lack of females in the house. In response to this the producers of the show have said that female housemates will definitely be on the show and that �they will be introduced to audiences on Sunday, September 13. This is confirmed and will happen,� they say.

The female housemates have been kept in a different location and they have no access to the Big Brother channel. �They are not watching the show and will not, therefore, have an advantage when they come on.
Ghana�s representative is George Tetteh Wayoe, a 34-year-old web developer, an LLB student and a father of two. Wayoe says he is proud of his country because it is the gateway to Africa and says the best thing about Ghanaians is their hospitality.

Should he emerge as the winner in the Big Brother Revolution, Wayoe plans to spend the money on his education and profession, his musical talents and charity.

There have been several changes to this season�s Big Brother reality show beside the prize money ballooning from $100,000 to $200,000. For example, there are twice as many microphones (100) as there were in the previous season and twice as many cameras (40) as well.

Again Big Brother has lifted the ban on strategic discussions as well as forming of allegiances and alliances among housemates. This means that Big Brother will not punish another housemates who conspire to ensure the eviction of another housemate, among others.

Big Brother Africa airs on DSTv�s channel 198 and other channels and will be on for the next three months when the eventual winner is declared.


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